News and Upcoming Events

Please read and download important information you must know for the next school year 2017-2018. Thank you very much for your support. Have a relaxing, fun, and safe summer vacation. See you in August.
Track Meet 2017
See how fast they run… go Angels!

OLQA Golf Ball Drop – see the fun event below! 
Thank you very much to Mrs. Swatsek and ALL who bought the golf balls and participate in this fund raising for the school. God bless you!

Cornerstone Campaign OLQA Church Cornerstone Campaign
Please support OLQA’s effort in the construction of an athletics and activities center! As of May 2, we are already 25% funded. For more details, click the cornerstone logo above and watch promo video.


Mayor Muldoon Visits OLQA School   mayorm

Mayor Kevin Muldoon stopped by OLQA Catholic school Wednesday, April 12 as a highlight of students’ second-grade civics lessons. Two classes huddled around Muldoon, listing the three branches of government — legislative, executive and judicial — and the ideals that good leaders promote and protect, such as equality, justice and freedom. Those were big words and big concepts coming from little voices. For more details click the mayor’s picture above.